ABOUT US                    
Almost 70 years of Manufacturing Expertise

Canvas Specialty designs and delivers a full line of reusable covers and tension fabric structures for government and military deployments. Beginning with the manufacture of tents and camouflage equipment for the US military in 1943, we have evolved into one of the most innovative, flexible and responsive designers and maunufacture of rapidly deployed fabric technology solutions. We became the first manufacturer in North America to manufacture and market tension fabric structures. Our expertise lies in the unique combination of sophisticated business management systems, highly technical engineering packages and the priceless value of tribal knowledge—many of our employees have been with the company for over 30 years. Our solutions are engineered for long-term applications, yet are reusable, portable and flexible. The CanSpan Structure is a reliable, durable and cost effective alternative to conventional building structures.

Internationally Renown

CanSpan Structures are highly preferenced worldwide by corporations and organizations including United States Armed Forces, national and international disaster relief industries, as well as a variety of applications for commercial, industrial and farming industries.

Customer Satisfaction

From initial discussion and quote to installation and use, the quality of our customers’ experience with Canvas Specialty is crucial to our success. Our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs on time and in budget insures our satisfied customers become our repeat clients.

Our Mission

Our goal as a leading manufacturer is to be your choice for preemptive, protective, portable building alternatives. Canvas Specialty relies on our unique combination of innovative design and engineering, strong project management systems and solid manufacturing expertise to provide:

1. A responsive and flexible building alternative for permanent or semi-permanent needs.
2. Cost effective and timely, with complete ease of set up and take down.
3. Attentive and responsive in-house and outside intellectual capital—insuring each project is uniquely designed and engineered exactly to our customers’ expectations.
Canvas Specialty - PO BOX 22268 - Los Angeles, CA 90040 - (323) 722-1156 - FAX: (323) 724-6059 - service@can-spec.com