F R A M E    T E N T S

Frame Tents
Small Structures
Large Structures

  • One Piece or Expandable Tops
  • 1" or 2" Aluminum Frame
  • No Internal Poles
  • Perimeter Poles every 10'
  • Solid Colors and Stripes available
  • Premium Frabric, Frame & Hardware
  • The MatrixTM Frame Tents offer the perfect combination of tent and canopy by offering the visual punch of tension tents and the ease of installation associated with Frame Tents and Canopies. The MatrixTM creates a truly stunning first impression with its high peak design and wonderful unobstructed interior space, providing an ideal setting for festivals, social events, corporate and sporting events - both inside and out. The Matrix TM Frame Tent features a floating tension pole design and LiteTracTM aluminum tubing system to provide rigidity while reducing frame weight. The MatrixTM tent has fewer parts than a traditional frame canopy which translates to fast, labor-saving installations that can be performed in minutes, rather than hours.

    TentTracTM is the newest addition to our Frame Tent line. The many innovative features include a sliding top canopy system and sliding tension wall system, TentTracTM is the new generation of Frame Tents.

    In addition, the MatrixTM can be fitted with the new TentTracTM easy sliding sidewall system which makes wall installation a breeze and keeps tent walls clean and attractive.

    TentTracTM is available in widths up to 50-feet, and by adding 10, 15 or 20' sections the TentTracTM can be extended to any length. It is engineered to withstand up to 70 mph wind loads and can be purchased with numerous accessories including windows, liners and doors.

    TentTracTM stands up better to adverse weather conditions and will meet permit requirements. Easy and quick to install, TentTracTM will save you time and money by reducing installation crew-time.

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